"Pianul Călător"

The Travelling Piano - 10 Years –
A documentary about the history of an idea that has made an unusual journey

The Travelling Piano - 10 Years is a musical road movie, a documentary that tells the story of ten years of touring that have taken in almost 200 hundred concerts and recitals by pianist Horia Mihail in dozens of towns around Romania and even around the world.

Made by Virgil Oprina, The Travelling Piano - 10 Years is a documentary that talks to those who were there from the very start of a project aimed at lifting up communities that are less culturally developed and have little or no cultural infrastructure.

The Travelling Piano - 10 Years is the vehicle for a vivid, topical message, it is fast-moving, while also piercing deeper than the surface of its subject, and features professional film footage of the travelling piano and pianist from their very first journeys down to the present, while taking the viewer to dozens of concert venues in different communities.

In the summer and autumn of 2020, Horia Mihail and the Travelling Piano gave a series of open-air concerts to mark the end of the tenth year of the Travelling Piano National Tour, an idea whose destiny and journey have been unique, although this was hard to predict in 2011, when it all began, inspired by an episode from the history of music: Franz Liszt's tour of 1846-7, when he travelled with his Erard piano around the provinces of what would later become the modern state of Romania.

In the last decade, Horia Mihail has visited dozens of towns around Romania, accompanied by the Travelling Piano or playing the pianos he has found when he arrived, giving more than two hundred concerts and recitals. The Travelling Pianos supplied by Radio Romania for the tour have now been entrusted to local communities in Tulcea, Caracal, Alba Iulia, and Roman, but their journey has been long and, sometimes without stopping for more than an evening, they have passed through numerous towns that are still crying out for concert pianos.

We are interested in culture's potential to foster social inclusion. The arts are for everybody and they can contribute to the reinvention of the people around you. Usually, culture plays only a small part in the area of social inclusion as it is officially defined. But even so, it can make a valuable contribution and create vital solutions for the development of self-confidence, community spirit, and social responsibility, helping communities to set underway and persevere with projects of self-regeneration.

The Travelling Piano National Tour project is one such initiative, and The Travelling Piano - 10 Years documentary provides an opportunity to reflect, to pause, to look back, after which we will continue our journey, since there is still so much to be done.

Producer: Pro Contemporania
With the support of: JTI and Erste Private Banking, a service provided by BCR

From 17 March, The Travelling Piano - 10 Years documentary will be available to view at: https://youtu.be/MDl7TDcjpdY