"Pianul Călător"


It was a usual winter afternoon, when you thought that nothing in this world ever impresses anybody as long as almost everything that could attract anyone to anything was invented.
Even in what regards the important things, like the classical music.

Let's make a national tour of piano solo recitals. It has been done before, but so what... Let it be a Liszt recital, because we celebrate its bicentennial. But who cares anymore about these pompous anniversaries...
And especially why?
Because they deserve it. Because there are so many people in this country that do not have a direct access to something so meaningful like classical music, just because they live in some cities where nothing ever happens.

All right, but in such cities there is no piano!

Of course; we have to take the piano with us!

After all, if it was possible in 1846-47, when Liszt travelled with his piano around Europe and what was to become Romania, why wouldn't it be possible now? Just because we may think it is not the case anymore? Liszt's concerts in front of some communities where such events were extremely rare were received by the public with great enthusiasm. Liszt's arrival itself in cities like Timisoara, Arad, Cluj, Iasi or Bucharest was an event in itself. Many of the concerts of this tour had a humanitarian character as well, as the pianist donated the honorarium in order to have some schools built or to be given to poor people...

We shall do the same now. In order to celebrate Franz Liszt's 200th birthday, pianist Horia Mihail ' a concert soloist of the Radio Orchestras and Choirs ' will make a tour recital in twelve Romanian cities. The first seven concerts of the tour will be held in big cities that have pianos and will announce the second part of the project, that of the itinerant piano.

The April 15th recital at the Radio Hall of Bucharest will mark the departure of a reconditioned piano, provided by the Romanian Broadcasting Society, alongside pianist Horia Mihail towards Hunedoara, Deva, Alba Iulia, Dumbraveni, till the final destination, Medias ' the place where this piano will be given by the Romanian Broadcasting Society to the local community. That is also the totally unusual humanitarian gesture.
We shall not stop here, as we shall host 'The travelling piano II' and 'The travelling piano III', for as long as we can.

Horia Mihail and his friend, the travelling piano, invite us to join them on Liszt's footsteps. We shall celebrate a friendship as old as mankind, between the pianist and his piano, trough a tour recital in twelve of the most beautiful Romanian cities.

Oltea Serban-Pârâu